Toril Sells Houses - Toril Sells Home is the worst company to go through when buying or selling realestate.

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I was the buyer for a home that Toril Sells Homes listed and they wouldn't do anything to earn thier commission. I or my realtor had to follow up with them over and over through the process of buying. They waited for long periods of time for seller to sign off on purchase and sale or other documents. Why couldn't they earn thier money and go to the seller to get signatures?

On three different occations Toril Sells homes said the tenant was going to be out of the home I purchased and when we went to do the inspection months later, the tenant had no idea when they needed to be out by and closing was scheduled for 12 days later.

When you call Toril Sells Homes, you get a recording that says three times, "press ____ to skip this and recording and go straight to voicemail". When you wait for the recording says "You have reached Toril Sells homes please leave a message, we return calls between 4 and 5 pm".

After closing was schedule the tenant was still in the home and Colleen (Torils assistant) calls the tenant and tells her to come to our home to drop off the keys. The tenant says they will be out in another 2 days.

Avoid using this company !!

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There are hundreds of thousand of families that will disagree with these comments! :zzz

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This is the worst agency to work with.Never.

Answer. Their. Phones or get. documents signed on time.

If you wanna be frustrated with your process of buying a home, go. With them. They need to be shut down asap before the ruin other peoples. Lives.

she has.

Apicture with her son which is deceiving.They have no heart.

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